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Homegrown Canadian Salad, Eh!

Sofood Inc., founded in 2005, is a wholly owned Canadian company specializing in the processing and distribution of niche food products. We are best known as a producer of frozen poutine. Our headquarters are in Montreal, Canada.

In Canada, this national dish is served at every imaginable occasion through restaurants, bars, food trucks, truck stops, diners, and any other conceivable venues.

Poutine has become our national dish and is now known all over the world! We have taken French fries, Quebec cheese curds and poutine sauce to another level by adding fully cooked protein hence the name “Chic’ Poutine” to create 4 different SKUs. Sofood uses specific method in putting together all these ingredients in order to preserve the integrity of a restaurant style poutine, while maximizing on an extraordinary taste and rich flavor profile!

Classic Chic’ Poutine has four straightforward ingredients:

  1. French Fries
    Peeled, cut and freshly fried! The French fry is convenient and most popular food in the world. We collaborate closely with our potato transformer and discuss our French fry specifications and are constantly in direct communication with our transformer ensuring that we bring you the best quality French fry to Chic’ Poutine. Thick-cut potatoes, fried and salted.
  2. Proteins
    There’s nothing better than a tender, slow-roasted shredded beef with an irresistible taste to top great French fries. Unless it’s perfectly seasoned pulled pork shredded into bite sized portions for awesomeness perfection. Thirdly, our flame broiled grilled chicken cut in strips, enough for you take put a fork in it. And last but not least the “pièce de résistance” a rich flavored, lean, duck meat pulled from an all-natural, slowly roasted whole duck for the fitting ingredient that gives it that European flare.

When poutine is done right, the gravy should be hot enough to melt the cheese curds and make the fries soggy. What you’re left with is an amazingly meaty, cheesy, gravy-full, hot potato mess. This is for foodies who enjoy some real comfort food. Chic’ Poutine works perfectly on its own as an entire meal!

  1. Cheese Curds
    It’s all about that SQUEAK, bout that SQUEAK bout that SQUEAK! It’s only poutine when you make it with “real” cheese curd. Cheese curds are somewhat chewy, squeaky little nuggets of young mild cheddar cheese. Combined with its slightly salty flavor…. which is the secret in getting that squeak!
  2. Chic’ Poutine Gravy
    Classic brown gravy, made from beef or chicken flavored stock, served really hot. If you’ve eaten any of poutine in your lifetime, you’ve probably experienced a wide range of gravy tastes. Some are clearly chicken, some are dark and beefy. I think the perfect one is somewhere in between with a caramel like color. On the other hand, our duck poutine sauce is made with real duck rendering which gives it its unique flavor profile!

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