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About Us
Always Looking Ahead

R & D

Always giving particular attention to innovation, Sofood works with an ultramodern Research and Development department, established by skilled scientists (chemists, agriculturists, engineers, food technicians, biologists, etc.) responsible for the development of all new blends and sauce bases, flavors and preparations.


R & D Team

SOFOOD has two different R&D teams, one specializing in Raw Materials, Dairy, Proteins, Blends and the second one solely for the Preparation and Presentation of products. In spite of the fact that both teams are in separate environments, a strong collaboration exists in order to share their valuable information and experience.



SOFOOD’s Research and Development teams collaborate with a network of test centers and businesses worldwide in an effort to generate new ideas and innovative products.

Quality First

Taste Tests

The aim of SOFOOD is to produce products that are of high quality that will stand out not only for their high alimentary value but also for their unique flavor profile. Before these products reach the final consumer, they are continually subjected to detailed and very strict checking by the scientific staff of our Quality Control Department in order to ensure consistent, optimum quality. When products reach the market, they must be perfect in every way.

Quality First

Quality Control

Quality assurance begins with the inflow of raw materials in the plant, continues through all stages of
production, control and storage, and up to the delivery of the final product to the customer thus
ensuring the final product’s quality.

Quality First


Quality control laboratories play an important role in our products’ quality assurance system. Specialized staff as well as third party audits are equipped with the latest instruments necessary to conduct integrated chemical and microbiological tests of the products. At the same time, HACCP as well as SQF Level 2 Procedure Control ensures the constant quality of products, according to industry standards and specifications.

We want to establish our products as the #1 choice of our customers and strengthen our global presence by adding new, innovative and high-quality products. These main values dictate all of the company’s activities.


 Quality: Our main priority is to offer our customers high-quality products.
 Cooperation: We place value on effective collaboration since we believe that long-term relations are the foundations of success and constant growth and expansion.
 Professional Behavior: We are always working with reliability, responsibility and loyalty, rewarding the trust placed in us by our customers.
 Respect for the Environment: In every stage of our business we try to operate in ways to protect the environment.

Human Resources

The company’s success is due mostly to human resources, which is an invaluable asset for SOFOOD. By providing very good working conditions and continuing education the company tries to develop its employees to the best possible level so they can contribute to the company’s prospects for further development.


Concern for the environment is an integral part of SOFOOD’s developing policy. Constant measures are being taken for the least possible effect on the environment as well as the least possible damage of the atmosphere by the company’s facility.
Our plant, is equipped with waste recycling program, and the installation of 80% of LED lighting for saving energy has already begun.

Sofood’s Commitment to food safety and brand protection is highlighted by mandating all raw material suppliers to be accredited with CFIA, HACCP & SQF Level 2 certification. To serve worldwide markets, we require suppliers have EU, Halal and USDA Organic certifications.
- SOFOOD exports 75% of


We believe that some of the best beef comes from right here in Canada. We use the finest breeds for our pulled beef Prime & AAA program. This recipe delivers a fabulous flavor and texture that melts in your mouth and that our customers enjoy time and time again.

its annual production


We prefer premium breeds of Quebec who is Canada’s largest pork producer and employees first-rate humane processing technologies. Our clientele enjoys this tender, succulent pulled pork, which is full of flavor the way it should be.

to Europe


Premium Antibiotic Free chicken breast seasoned with the highest quality ingredients and grilled by experts to perfection locking in a juicy and flavorful product.

and America.


Completely natural Antibiotic Free and Non-GMO duck meat, rendered duck fat and salt (clean label). The rich flavored, lean, duck meat is pulled from a natural, slowly roasted whole duck. Duck is a sure-fire hit for the avant-garde and it’s always juicy!

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